March 25, 2014

This City Never Sleeps

Photo By: Viet of Ambercool

So as promised, today's post is all about the night spent in the city. I wish I could say something exciting about my outfit, but sadly on the car ride into the city I ended up having to change. I take pride in my ability to not only strip off my high waisted shorts and replace them with a nice pair of black harem pants, but to do so in a moving vehicle without being seen. But the night wasn't completely ruined as I layered up and removed my kimono and summer craving outfit when the cold crept in. Over burgers and the noise of a busy restaurant, laughter between friends echoed all around me. Now one thing I love to do in a crowded area is people watch. Or more accurately people judge. You tend to see some interesting characters wandering the streets late at night. But high off of excitement from the impending projects and drunk off of the city lights I couldn't help but smile back at all of the passerby's lining the streets. 

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