March 26, 2014

Swiping on Neutrals

My makeup typically consists of neutrals. I'm not the type to experiment with crazy blues or anything quite out there when it comes to eye makeup. I tend to stick to light browns on my lid, with a darker brown blended in the crease, it's just simple and easy to do. I thought I would just show you guys my go to palettes my favorite one being my Tarina Tarantino one which is shown in the second picture. You can tell that it is used quite a bit and that's just because I absolutely love the colors in it. I don't have to switch from palate to palate because it has everything. I have quite a few eyeshadow palates but I'm quite weird when it comes to them. I'll buy one and honestly leave it untouched for months because I don't want to mess it up. So it was honestly probably a good three months before I cracked open my Tarina Tarantino one and look at it now, it's completely destroyed. But I would definitely recommend one with those sorts of colors. Sadly the exact palate isn't sold anymore because it's quite old but it's not hard to find one with similar sorts of colors! I can't remember where exactly the palates in the first picture are from I want to say revlon and the last one pictured is from elf. Which is a super inexpensive brand found at target, I believe this palate was actually only five dollars and I bought it before a trip I went on just so I didn't have to bring loads of different ones with me. 

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