April 26, 2014

Beach Vibes

I absolutely loved being away in this little slice of heaven for the past few days. It was a much needed relaxing vacation. The sun was hot, the water was freezing, and the company was amazing.

 The second day we decided to take a little break from the sun and do some shopping. We visited some outlets and then went to the Market Commons to visit some little boutiques and see a movie. I had been postponing seeing Divergent because I had wanted to read the book first but I finally gave in after starting it and I am absolutely in love. Four, Tobias, Theo, whatever name you want to give him, is such a beautiful man and I was going absolutely insane the entire time his face was on the screen. It's definitely a must see, and ever since I haven't been able to put the book down.

 The Market Commons were absolutely gorgeous and I could spend hours walking around them, unfortunately we weren't able to stay there too long, which may actually be a good thing because I put a pretty little dent in my wallet.

This is the little square in the middle of the Commons, and I'm wearing a pair of brown faux leather shorts from Urban Outfitters and a black crop top from h&m. 

Overall the trip was just one giant tease for summer and I can't wait until June rolls around. It was lovely being able to get away with my best friend and soak up the sun even for just a few days.

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