April 21, 2014

Easter Florals

Happy Easter everyone! Although you will be viewing this post tomorrow when it is no longer Easter, I'm still sending you all warm wishes. I spent Easter with my family, which is the only way it should be spent. We went to a church service in the morning, and then went to see my grandparents for a lovely gathering consisting Aunts, Uncles, and cousins galore. I'm wearing a lovely little dress from a boutique called Fab'rik . At first I wasn't  too sure about it. It was between this and a pair of flowy snake skinned patterned high waisted pants. And as a spur of the moment sort of event I decided to purchase the dress. Even after buying it I still wasn't sold. But once I arrived home I tried it on and feel in love. The sleeves are bell ones and I don't have any other shirts or dresses like this and I loved the flowyness that they provided. The back of the dress was a scoop and then it tied around my neck in a sort of halter style. It is surprisingly comfortable and I got loads of comments on it, so I would definitely recommend checking out Fab'rik's site or walk on in if you see the boutique in an area near you!

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