April 20, 2014

Spring Break Packing

I am notorious for over packing when going on trips. Even just staying one night calls for a weekend bag. I'm always so indecisive so having options of what to wear is extremely important. The weather can take a sudden shift from what the forecast was calling for or I just could decide last minute that I don't quite like the outfit as much as I thought I did. I somehow managed to fit five pairs of shorts, two sweaters, two pairs of overalls, a kimono, seven shirts, three t-shirts, four pairs of yoga pants, three pairs of running shorts, socks, underwear, and four bathing suits into my small suitcase. Don't ask me how because I have no idea, but it happened. Of course since my bag is now stuffed to the brim with clothes that leaves no room for my laptop, shoes, makeup, and toiletries which will all be packed last minute in my weekender bag. I wish I was able to provide tips on how to down size when it comes to packing but I almost encourage over packing.

I tried to keep what I was packing easy, light weight, fun, and versatile. It almost doesn't make sense for me to have packed so much for the beach, most of my time will be spent lounging in my suits, but like I said, options are always a must. Traveling is always a blast but it's annoying not being able to take your entire closet with you. So my main advice when preparing for your trip is to make sure the items your packing can mix and match. For example, one shirt can go with three pairs of shorts, or a pair of shorts can be worn with a few different shirts that way your outfits aren't set in stone and you feel like you have a vast array of choices. 

I am so excited to be packing shorts and crop tops. The weather has been so on and off on the east coast. Eighty degrees one day, then thirty six the next. I can't wait to be able to bury my feet in the sand and feel the sunshine on my face. Maybe I'll actually find time to crack open Divergent, reading at the beach is probably one of the most relaxing activities known to man. 

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