April 12, 2014

Currently Coveting

In order to cope with the vast amount of Coachella pictures appearing on my feed, I've been resorting to a bit of online shopping, or online coveting. I made a quick collage of a few items that are on my wishlist. The lovely thing about such a list is that it allows for room to dream. I'm constantly paying attention to what people are wearing, what looks good, and what doesn't. Even though these things are on my list, it doesn't mean that they will wind up in my closet. Especially when I have to start decreasing my closet size. So if you couldn't tell the clothes are very festival like. I would die to be in the desert sun right now but alas I'm stuck at home so that's where the inspiration for most of these items has stemmed from. One of those well if I was at Coachella I would be wearing this sort of things. Floppy hats, floral, crop tops, and lose fitting clothes are definitely a go to, not only for musical festivals but also for summer months as well.  

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